Friday, August 8, 2014

Sharknado I Sharknado II Hold On To Wallets Taxpayers Here Is Polnado

This weekend I saw Sharknado on cable channel Sci-Fi
Sharks by the hundreds falling down from a stormy sky
A tornado so strong to suck sharks into its up draft
Special effects awesome as befitting the Hollywood craft
The sharks with so much rain in the air could survive
And would plummet from the sky, pissed and very much alive
Humans scurrying like rats on the L.A. streets
Trying to dodge the sharks, jaws open landing at their feet
The hero with a chain saw in hand
Slicing them apart before they could land
Unreal but entertaining especially the scene where the hero is swallowed whole
Chain saw buzzing, a little slime and he saws himself an escape belly hole
Entertaining but for the hint that global warming was the cause of all these sharks
A good way to escape the stress of the world and a sense of disbelief park
The sequel Sharknado II was more of the same but set in New York City
Once again the sharks were coming down like cats and dogs and showing the humans no pity
Weather maps showing sharks instead of rain
Two tornadoes increasing in intensity but our hero does the insane
A Freon fix to cool the tornadoes but hit with one too many volts of juice
Too much force the electricity forces him loose
Into the air thousands of feet rides a shark down to it on a lightening rod impale
In the world of sci-fi and sharks after all a hero even in a sequel cannot fail
Before we on Shark Week are hit with Sequel Three
Here is a movie we might want to see
Polnado is its name
Tornadoes star billing and lots of fame
The hot air of gridlock in D.C. where any chance of legislation is stalled and stuck
Causes a tornado so strong up into the air Congress and the President it sucks
Along with all the regulators especially those from the IRS
Pissed because Tea Party members while I a tornado it cannot suppress
Joined by the legions of bored but avid porn watchers from the EPA
Pissed because of revelations that the onset of climate change their regs will not delay
What goes up must come down and pols and bureaucrats soon hitting the ground
Shaken up and pissed off as there were not enough taxpayer wallets to go around
Then this poet woke up from an entertaining nightmare
Even better yet his wallet with just a few teeth marks on the bed stand was still there.
© August 8, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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