Monday, August 4, 2014

Walsh Cheats His Way To A Degree But Calls For Him To Resign Him To a hi

The news is that John Walsh, the junior senator from Montana, plagiarized his way to a degree
His campaign to keep Baucus’s former seat may now be totally at sea
There are many of us who have under the pressure to make the grade
Have crossed the line and from one’s own original thought strayed
But Walsh comes from one of the few institutions the people still have some shreds of trust
The military, including the Montana National Guard, to our national safety we entrust
Worse, the former Brigadier General of the Montana National Guard when caught
Put forth a lame PTSD excuse not true and more importantly did not to his error man up
A good chance the plagiarism will cost him his Master’s degree and his rank
More broadly it may toss the Blues chance to retain the Senate into the tank
The press in Montana is demanding he resign so a replacement can compete
The people in Montana for a Senator deserve better than a liar and a cheat
Sadly from our politicians deceiving is too often the norm
Developed over the years in office to keep seats to a true art form
But the military not the CinC are by officers and gentlemen supposed to be led
A code of honor that is priceless and should not with consequences be shed
Obama concerned about the loss of the Senate has asked the Pentagon to “investigate”
Pentagon is not the DOJ so we may be spared of another Lerner Gate
Walsh has but a week to resign or on the ballot remain
Hope the plagiarist stays so Blue majority has greater chance of going down the drain.
© August 4, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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