Thursday, August 21, 2014

Obama From Telepromter Outrage On Foley To On The Links In Less Than 10 Minutes

Images whether on video or in still are worth more than a thousand words in poem or prose
They reveal with greater clarity a speaker’s character and the depth of sincerity show
Anyone who has seen the video of Foley losing his head
Is outraged, wanting our CinC to send every fanatic to his perverted Paradise painfully dead
So at 12:57 the President was expressing outrage over Foley’s killing vowing justice in the abstract
First time there appeared to be some fire and emotion that he seems to lack
Chosen and scripted words, no time for misspeak so no time questions from the press
A somber, angry President quickly striding off stage hopefully to meet with his military to ISIS plan to suppress
Good thought but no cigars, not even remotely near the mark
In almost record time 10 minutes later as we still process the beheading images so chillingly stark
Our CinC is on the links with in his busy schedule, the world in flames only with one goal
What club to use to get his golf ball on the green and then with a good read, putt it into the hole
Of all images in time of chaos, playing golf is not what a President to ISIS should send
No wonder ISIS and the jihadist world believe this nation has become soft and unwilling to its interests defend
Maybe his golf cart has a secure phone link to the Pentagon
Doubt it; really doubt it—images searing of once again a President not engaged only gone.
© August 21, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

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