Friday, August 1, 2014

Army Khaki Being Replace With Pink As 550 Majors T Be Let Go

First we learn of a report of the National Defense Panel that raises great alarm
That condemns the Administration for underfunded threat response, putting us and our military in harm  
As one reads the funding gap between the QDR military responsibility designs
With a rapidly defunded military now in steep decline
It is a red line forecast in the sand that with the funds to be spent our foes can ignore
Our President can only huff and puff and talk, emboldening our foes to come back for more
If one scrolls down the news one finds the pink slips for the majors are ready to be sent
550 majors, the tip of our combat spear will be broken if not severely bent
Last week it was 1,200 captains to their pink slips receive
Some even while in combat in Afghanistan were relieved
Most of the 550 will not have enough years in service to be able to retire
Many probably will face a tough transition to civilian life seeking to be hired
We understand that except in safe districts for Reds or Blue a job is not for life
But these captains and majors in addition to signing so this nation could be protected
Must have believed so long as they performed in harm’s way they would not be ejected
We have short memories of what happened at the beginning of World War II and the Korean War
Undermanned, under equipped military forces were sent to defend our interests on distant shores
Lots of casualties, lands lost, and outcomes in doubt until we could our military expand
In the conflicts of today with the weapons of today you can only fight with what you have today on hand
That’s all a nation will be able to bring to the Martian dance
Downsizing the military in an ever increasing non tranquility world means that in the event of conflict we have less of a winning chance
I know it is a word that in D.C. does not exist
But we need to prioritize our spending and these cuts resist
© August 1, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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