Thursday, August 7, 2014

Berlin Airlift Deja Vu Humanitarian Drops In Irag And Air Strikes To Break ISIS Backaand

After days of inaction with 50,000 Christians and minorities trapped on a mountain top
Obama kicking and screaming finally approved a humanitarian air drop
Of food and water to these poor trapped souls
But in one air pass seems to be the goal
This is an Air Force with the Berlin Airlift that broke the Soviet’s blockade’s back
Cargo capability of food and water we certainly do not lack
The drop according to news is now complete and the planes have returned
More facts of the mission we are sure to learn
Credit Susan Rice and Susan Power with memories of Rwanda fresh in their minds
To probably push a reluctant President to lead from the front as opposed to behind
An escort of F-18s probably kept the ISIS heads down and cover to seek
No chance to launch their captured Stingers and havoc in the air reek
In addition to food and water pallets dropped by parachute
He also authorized military strikes to protect,  and open an escape route
This unlike Syria is not drawing a red line in the sand, but I have authorized attack by air
Warning to ISIS of lethal shock and awe to beware
Given all the crisis’s we have had to face, this may be a first
Our CinC stayed in town not off to a fundraiser to slake his fundraising thirst
Less than one percent of us know where Erbil is located in Kurdish lands
But if ISIS moves on this city, there is hope that American air and arms to the Kurds will help to ISIS withstand
In order to make the authorization real, not an idle threat
If from Erbil ISIS is not veering away we should be launching our bomb laden jets
From Rommel facing dumb iron bombs and strafing machine guns
To Republican Guard facing smart bombs caught in the open from the air and you are done
ISIS and genocide is a regional problem far beyond Maliki and Iraq
We must be at forefront but other nations in the region need to join in the ISIS attack
Those to Obama’s left like Warren need to on this give him some slack
And Reds really on this to guard his back
To both Reds and Blues a message to ponder
This is a bipartisan chance, do not let it pass or squander
© August 7, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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