Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hagel Warns ISIS On The Way Obama Not On Board

While just maybe our CinC gets ready to realize an eagle on vacation he will not achieve
Hopefully he is rested as Martha’s Vineyard in time of crisis he prepares to leave
From his inane proclamation in January about ISIS as jayvees
A rightfully worried military is exposing a danger for the nation to see
He is a lame duck--his legacy and the nation’s safety may be at great risk
His world view has been clearly wrong almost surreal
And now we have problems that with reality we have to deal
Watching him for six years the conclusion which should make us weep
Our CinC is out of his league in foreign policy and domestically his promises he will not keep
The leakage is that the Pentagon and the Administration are at odds
The Pentagon wants to defend while Obama wants only to his killing of bin Laden laud
Hagel and Dempsey are not fools; they are not Obama-baiting tools
But when it comes to danger listen to them, not a community organizer experienced fool
Not sure whether Defcon 1 is the right move
And might scare the Russians in a way saner minds might not approve
But as to Homeland Security and not the Russian it should be condition Red
ISIS with their passports may be on their way with death and bloodshed
No more as Obama jayvees but real members of the terrorist hall of fame
And on this one in the mirror looking, Obama has no one but himself to blame
© August 23, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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