Monday, August 4, 2014

Hillary and Biden Silent On Teacher Tenure As Another Suit Filed In New York Isssue In 2016?

It seems like only yesterday I blogged of Judge Leu tossing tenure out
Like Brown v Board of Education a chance for real educational reform to come about
Today the sounds of silence from the Blues are beginning to rise
As teacher tenure looks to be heading for a welcome demise
On the heels of a Brown v. Board of Education type decision in L.A.
Another action has been filed in New York to the AFT’s dismay
Same grounds for the suit-- tenure dooms children to teachers who cannot teach
While the best and brightest full of idealism just hired are sent off to the beach
LIFO is a great device for pricing goods sold
But educating kids requires a different mold
The Court in Brown rightfully held an education of children segregated black or white
Is an education flawed, unequal, and an education that is not right
An education in which one class is taught by teachers with tenure that are only punching the clock
Is an education that any chance of success in life is effectively blocked
Too long the AFT and local teachers unions have given only to the Reds
Promoting an agenda good for the teachers’ jobs but not for the kids instead
Money is the mother’s milk of politics and too many have made a seat a career
Mere puppets of their donors whose agenda if they want money must adhere
It is almost next to impossible to fire an incompetent teacher even one charged with crimes
It takes far too many legal dollars and it takes far, far too much time
Tenure as a concept of academic freedom at the college level makes sense
But in K-12 it is a job protection bill without any academic freedom pretense
Being a K-12 teacher should not be a guaranteed job for life when most of the world is at will
Encourages inept teachers graduating students not properly taught, graduating without skills
The two top Blue potentials Hillary and Joe
Must be hoping the issue fades like August snow
Blues running for reelection in the fall can only hope this does not become another Red arrow
If they oppose tenure to save their seat, will the union contributions be cut to the marrow?
If there is one issue other than the VA that Reds and Blues could unite
It would be in the case of education of children to do for them what is right.
© August 3, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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