Friday, August 8, 2014

Sounds of Silence on ISIS Mullah Style Where Is The Mulahs' Outrage?

The sounds of silence are heard not today on the subway walls
But in the mosques and minarets as another town to ISIS falls
300 Yashidi women under the age of 35
Seized, sold perhaps into slavery, will not survive
Children beheaded in Iraq by ISIS and their heads put on sticks
Not since the Nazis genocide against the Jews have we seen anything so sick
Where is the outrage of the Mullahs over the shedding of innocent blood?
Where are the condemnations of the Ayatollahs than should be a flood?
Where are the Mullah prayers for the innocents whose blood ISIS has shed?
Why are  there only prayers for the destruction of Israel instead?
Where is the scorn for the ISIS leader with a Rolex on his wrist
As he piously in show demands the ways of the West his followers resist?
The Muslim world will not heed the English voices of outrage from the West
But the prayers of Mullah outrage might ISIS's killing deeds might slow or even arrest
ISIS acts have hijacked, soiled and demeaned the Muslim faith and belief
The sounds of silence give their message of peace no credibility in Islam’s motif
If these fanatics think they can destroy American resolve by beheading-children terror
They have made a grave, grave strategic and tactical error
What they have done is shackles of Islamaphobia break
Into the trash heap goes Islamaphobia for PC sake
Even Obama and his minions will be forced to call the Islamic terror spade
Summon the will for a real, sustained anti jihadist Crusade.
An forget about the reward on the ISIS chief fanatics’ head
And all out bin Laden like hunt with same result for him instead.
© August 8, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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