Friday, August 29, 2014

No Strategy No Plan Obama Cannot Will Not Lead Except To Once Again Flee To Fund Raise

Obama looked good in his tan suit to make another ISIS related address

Same color as Reagan wore, but more than a suit is needed to our foes and friends impress
After meeting with his security advisers Obama admitted to no strategy, no plan
To destroy ISIS much less to prevent it from coming to our own lands
As to military options in Syria to the ISIS safe havens attack
It was almost like he wanted Hagel and Dempsey to their statements retract
The sound bite phrase of putting the cart before horse made no sense as the horses have all fled
The barn door of terror running free because on this our President has not led
Obama’s presentation of no strategy after knowing of ISIS threat for years
Should bring us all Red, Blue, and Indy to complete and utter tears
At minimum he could have said
“Our plans to destroy ISIS are moving full speed ahead.”
Pure amateur hour from the supposed leader of the free world
While in Nigeria, Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine, unchecked the forces of evil swirl
Terror is not on the run, only Obama’s foreign policy or lack thereof is on the run
My fellow Americans in time a crisis time to grab the clubs, board Air Force One
Off to raise money once more for the DNC to keep the dictatorial Reid in power
Pathetic, totally pathetic, once again his inaction leaves a taste really very sour
© August 29, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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