Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Iron Curtain Of Censorship Descends On The Least Transparent Presidency In Our History

Once again another suggestion for Obama to add to his summer reading list
A dictionary earmarked to “transparency” although reading it he would resist
How can Josh Earnest with a straight face and ignorance of the facts assert?
This Administration is unwavering in support of transparency-- more spin to the truth divert
Transparency means easy to perceive or detect
Not an Iron Curtain to all journalistic examinations deflect
It has taken six years for the reality for more members of the media to finally sink in
This Administration is about as opaque as a lead window with transparency lost in managed spin
Finally the darling of the media is seen as controlling, feckless and inept
From the Border, VA,,  IRS, Ukraine, Iraq and ISIS, all the while increasing our national debt
When the SPJ in a letter condemns the Administration’s attempts at censorship
You get the feeling that at last the media rats are leaving the sinking ship
He was supposed to be different, he was supposed to this nation unite
Instead six years of blame, partisanship, rancor with no end in sight
Normally a President might think given the lack of tranquility in the world we now face
It would be more Presidential to have a cut in his vacation take place
Probably won’t happen which on reflection is probably a good thing
We will be spared for more weeks the chaos and crisis his overreaching executive pen will bring
© August 13, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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