Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jimmy Carter Slams Israel Over Casualties Hamas Is A Political Actor

Jimmy Carter as a former President belongs to a very select club whose views should command respect
We should not be so quick to question or out of hand reject
A man of faith, he is obviously troubled by the civilian deaths of women and children he sees
But on the issue of Hamas he has missed the boat or if on it, he is completely at sea
The idea that Hamas is a political actor as opposed to a terrorist group of thugs 
Almost suggests our exPresident is on some sort of mind altering drugs
All those rockets launched into Israel can somehow be swept under a blind eye rug
We should also ignore all the concrete sophisticated tunnels dug
The view that Mr. Carter espouses is full of experience rot
That if we accord Hamas status as a civilized force, they will drop their terrorist spots 
Carter's accusations of war crimes on Israel will only seek to isolate it
When the rockets seem to increase and  never seem to quit
Just because the Iron Dome tipped the scales of death in Israel's favor in spades
Does not mean that Hamas rocket sites and tunnels Israel does not have the right to degrade
Our former President on this one needs to walk away from the mike, away from the stage he needs to fade 
He needs to spend more time building homes for Habitat for Humanity always picking the right lumber grade
At last another ceasefire; will it hold or will Hamas not seeing dead Gazans tire?
And once again launch in the hopes of Israeli jets putting more Gazans on the funeral pyre
Gaza looks like a Germany World War II scene--streets covered in rubble
Clock ticking slowly away so Hamas with more rockets can stir up more deadly trouble
If the ceasefire holds, Hamas will bide its time waiting for UN relief concrete
To once again start digging tunnels in an insane attempt to bring Israel to defeat
©  August 6, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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