Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Perry Indicted In Lehmberg Political Witchhunt This D.A. Should Check Into Rehab

So the Travis County D.A. whose DUI mug shot clearly revealed a disheveled drunk
Files a criminal indictment against Perry, but yet on her ethics she flunks
Most chief law enforcement officers with a three times the limit DUI
Would do the right thing, seek treatment, resign, as public trust has gone awry
Not this vengeful D.A. in a county far too Blue in a sea of Red
No rather than do the right thing, she files and indictment instead
Perry is the governor of Texas and a veto is his constitutional duty and oversight
To indicate displeasure and indicate he will veto has to be within his office’s right
How many times have we seen a President or governor indicate a veto will come if a given bill hits his desk?
But in the political warrens of Travis her view is that Perry is subject to arrest
At least Perry was spared the purp walk and will turn himself in
Facts may be hard to understand but we can hope he wins
Three Red governors have drawn Blue investigative ire
A pattern of putting anyone who might stop the coronation on a political funeral pyre
While this Travis County indictment will unfortunately proceed
Here is some advice one would hope the Texas State Bar would heed
Time for them to open an investigation on Ms. Lehmberg’s potential alcohol abuse
It seems her sense of judgment has failed and her partisanship is running loose
© August 19, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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