Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Time To Implement A Strategy To ISIS Kill Foley's Beheading Must Not Be In VainD

The parents of James Foley gave a press conference that was truly unique
A true couple of faith; anyone watching would be moved to tears but ISIS should never believe
that we as a people are weak
A prayer for compassion and mercy and not for revenge
I had to admire them; if my child I would be screaming for the right to avenge
If the Foleys would give their consent
The video of this barbarism should be to all high schools, colleges, theaters, town meetings and TVs sent
Yashidis, Christians and Muslims by these barbarians continue to be killed
But abstract in foreign lands the killings do not seem to awaken us to these barbarians bill
Cocaine, nicotine and heroin usage are addictions for certain, for sure
But the lust for human blood by these savages is even harder to cure
As these savages the rules of humanity they continue without remorse abuse
Our President makes another speech, then off to the course for advice from his caddy on what club to use
The British Prime Minister hearing the English accent of the masked coward with the beheading knife
Cancelled his vacation, comes back home probably seeking advice of what to do to protect English life
The Jayvee team that Obama dismissed with contempt and scorn
Is now in the terrorist hall of infamy firmly adorned
Another nice speech but if Obama thinks he will prevail against ISIS with words
This gruesome beheading and all the others preceding should render that idea absurd
We are in a total war that Foley’s sacrifice should make us completely aware
We must develop and implement a strategy to kill each and every ISIS savage until their cupboard
 of killers is bare
While we and every other civilized nation on this planet are hunting these savages down
The Muslim leaders throughout the world must be united in loud condemning sounds
Finally James Roper may you rest in eternal peace and may your death not be in vain
We pray that those of us living and leading will flush these savages down a cesspool drain.
© August 20, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

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