Monday, August 11, 2014

Finally Arms To The Kurds But Maliki Must Go Now

The ISIS Jayvees have been hit by a few airstrike gnat like bites
Finally after months upon months of delay we helping arm the Kurds to prevail in the fight
If there ever was a time to 24/7 an air umbrella for the Kurds to a corridor off that mountain to create
Now we is the time, ISIS may be reeling we should move quickly and not an hour delay or wait
If ISIS is smart and savvy which I suspect they are
They have to be to come this quickly and so far
They will with the civilian population blend or use them as human shields
Striking them will then be ala Israel strikes in Gaza--a diminishing yield
We are on a tightrope that will be so easy to from it fall
A Sunni Shia civil war with American collateral damage is something to forestall
Airstrikes killing civilians as opposed to these barbarians will bring Muslim wrath down on our heads
That’s why arming the Kurds and pushing for a unity government is a better way instead
Thanks to Obama’s underestimation of the ISIS threat when they were on the roads
When a 24/7 air operation dropping tons of deadly laser guided loads
Would have turned any convoys to an ISIS Highway of Death
Now we are gnats waiting for Maliki to leave, merely holding our breath
This mess with Maliki is looking more and more like Diem and the immolating Buddhists  in Saigon in 63
Time for the Iraqi president to use his military to remove him or hang him from the nearest tree
Military men around the world share a certain common trait
Stability which Maliki obstructs in a government and more weapons usually carries much weight
We should be upping the military aid ante and provide more weapons to deploy
Subject to and conditioned upon Maliki ceasing to be as a premier employed
If Maliki is refusing to leave office because of personal safety concerns quite real
Obama should immediately offer to fly him of out the country to here in an asylum deal
Obama with force needs to make it crystal clear no if ands or buts
It's Marvin K. Moody time for Maliki now, no more delay, no matter what
But first and foremost from our NSA, Pentagon and our vacationing CinC a plan to contain and destroy
ISIS in Syria and Iraq before the American fighters with them return to our shores well trained and ready with terror to employ
© August 11, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet    

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