Thursday, August 28, 2014

Obama Must Destroy Senate To Save It For Himself 6 Million Illegals To Be Granted Amnesty?lionllion , Con

The news out of the White House is having a very familiar refrain
Reminds me of a war fought long ago in the jungles and monsoon rain
As  Vietnam during 1968 Tet Offensive went up in flames
We had to destroy the villages to save them became the new mantra game
Our Embassy walls by sappers breached
No long any safe havens from the NVA and VC reach
Any hopes of winning among the body politic quickly began to die
Now years later an Imperial President is on desperation high
He must destroy the Senate to save Reid’s power and give himself two more years to use his pen
While fundraising and golfing as chaos around the world surprises him again and again
The Senate under Reid with Obama as CinC as a debating and legislative body has ceased to exist
Ghosts of Dirksen, Johnson, Lodge, and Taft must be appalled the Senate will not an Imperial President resist
Obama has been bitten with the Imperial Presidential urge
His own party who ought to know better will not stop his surge
Power  that slowly seeps into one man, one branch means  a republic will be lost
We cannot afford that loss of freedoms cost
Obama is ready to make his move and amnesty for 6 million illegals grant
200 plus years of Congressional rule in a pen stroke supplant
This bogus Constitutional professor knows he has two thirds of the cards to impeachment prevent
The will of Congress ignored, if not broken, badly bent
Such a clever Chicago style political move, charge up the Reds rightful ire
Force them to shut down the government put the chances of loss of the Senates up in smoke in the fall elections fires
Years from now when this President has faded into a sick memory of failure and voter regret
Blue and Red Presidential successors will rule as kings and the rule of law to reject
None of the Blues on the scene today who stood idly by
Will be present to see this Republic, a hope for mankind ebb away and die.
© august 28, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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