Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Fighting Inflation with Monetary Policy Only Is Like Fighting with One Hand Tied Behind Your Back As 59 Blues Join Majority Reds to Reign In Inflationary Executive Orders


Fighting inflation with only monetary policy while the root cause is unchecked
Guarantees that with rising interest rates the economy with rate hikes is wrecked
Biden with his inflationary executive orders is like an addict needing a fix to stay high
Each hit with the needle lowers and shortens and the more money spent he must rely
With rate after rate increase inflation should have been more reduced
Instead in January it’s still at 6.4% and more hardship on families is running loose
Today his $400 Billion student debt forgiveness bailout is before SCOTUS being argued While leftist supporters on the steps of SCOTUS fearing blockage are unglued
Even the dumbest student the cause of inflation has understood
Inflation is caused by too much money printed chasing too few goods
Be it the misnamed Inflation Reduction Act or the forgiveness of student debt loans
If Biden’s blank check executive orders are not curtailed we remain in the inflationary zone
Finally a sign of sanity when in the House that is the only branch to money appropriate
59 Blues joined the Red majority to engage the inflationary reduction brakes
Any executive order that adds more than a $1 billion in annual spending would have to be studied to reveal its inflationary effects
An outright ban would have been better but at least in the right direction a good first step

© 3/1/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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