Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Another Day Another Biden Chaos As Concerns Mount Over Banking System Due to SVB's Collapse Due to Biden Caused Inflation


Silicon Valley Bank the lender of choice for high tech start-ups
Has closed its doors after a run by its depositors trying to withdraw their funds did erupt
Already some reports are beginning to surface that executives fearing a crash started selling their shares
Inside information to rig the market place and to ordinary investors render the market unfair
Deposits in banks are insured up to 250 grand for each account
Already cries to raise the limit for high tech startups with corporate funds in the bank start to mount
SVB was in good graces with the politicized Fed
For 8 months a SVB risk officer and since September governance from the SFO office shed
SVB took in the stimulus billions and didn’t lend to create jobs
But sought yield in T-Bills which were risk free until the Biden inflation bombs were lobbed
Inflation rose as anyone other the Biden and his stooges would know
And the Fed with one arm tied behind its back started raising rates in an attempt to inflation slow
The value of the T-bills SVB bought went downhill
Depositors fearful of their deposits made a run on the bank’s cash till
16th largest bank awash in Woke with DEI mandates
Now seized and the Biden clowns terrified confidence in the banking system may evaporate
Biden is the poster child for DEI mediocracy not meritocracy in feds
Facing charges of incompetence watch all transparency being shed
Wonder if the nontransparency curtain will fall to prevent
Learning how many dollars in political contributions to Blue campaigns SVB executives sent

© 3/13/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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