Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Like HRC Lightfoot Cannot Come to Grips with Why 84% in Chicago Voted Against Her--Not Because of Her Race and Gender


There was only one thing Lori Lightweight tried to do well
Was to ape HRC on why the voters refused to buy what she wanted to sell
Like HRC she blamed her loss on misogyny but also added race
Ignoring that  a black finished ahead of her in 2nd place
HRC in her many excuses managed to toss a weakened race card
Blaming Obama for not warning of the false Russian collusion Blues were pushing hard
On the issue of gender if one looks at women executive officers state wide
One will find females serving as 21 Lt Gov’s, 12 Gov’s and 10 AG’s as misogyny did subside
In large American cities there were 9 black female mayors before Lightfoot’s loss
Did not prevent her from inanely the race/gender card toss
Across the entire nation a little over a third of mayors are female
An increasing trend of women winning at the end of the mayoral campaign trail
If Lightfoot ever has the temerity to look into the honesty and truth mirror
The real reasons for her rejection by 84% of the voters will quickly appear
Failed on fighting skyrocketing violent crime
Was waging war on the CPD too much of the time
Rampant homelessness and the racism of refusing to grant interviews to white press
For her own sanity and tranquility we hope the false reasons for her loss she can learn to suppress

© 3/1/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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