Thursday, March 16, 2023

$97 Grand for 250 years for Reparations Insane Reparations Infected with White Guilt Have Racist Eating Amoeba In Their Brainshva eRci eIBuiltwe insna9


The idiots who served on the Reparations committee must have been smoking some exceptional weed
To for reparations advance the idea of 250 years of 97 grand annually to have the sins of slavery and racism recede
It is impossible to believe that a state that never had slaves
Would be on the path of imagined White Suprematcists the golden bricks for African Americans the road from victim hood pave
If you want to divide California there is not a better way
Than to make white Californians and Hispanics reparations pay
To a large portion of blacks not descended from slaves who have not victim hood shed
Thousands of dollars for years when the state has a deficit and thousands of homeless without beds
Not sure what 20 acres and a mule promised on Emancipation should today entail
But trying to justify $5 million or 250 years at 97 grand should be doomed to fail
We have had waves of immigrants who with only the clothes on their back
Succeeded with hard work to get on and stay on the American Dream track
Most recently the refugees from Vietnam whose success did not lack
Paying out millions to descendants of slaves and non slaves is an idea that should be sacked

© 3/16/23 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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