Friday, March 17, 2023

Harris booed at Howard v. Kansas B-ball Game Then Kiddy-Talk pep talk in Bisons' Locker-room


Jesse Owens winning 4 Gold Medals to hand Hitler his Master Race on platter
The Miracle on Ice to the myth of Soviet Union ice hockey invincibility shatter
The Black Power raised fists by Tommie Smith and John Carlos at Mexico City
The Munich Olympics where 11 Israeli Wrestlers will killed without pity
Images of where sports and politics have been mixed
Images of success or evil which in our consciousness stick
Sports were once thought to be from politics free
Not so today when fans are an easy target on TV
Who can forget the crowd at NASCAR Talladega hurling F* Bombs at Biden
Which the commentators changed to “Let’s Go Brandon” to the gulf between the MSM and the mere mortal fads widen?
Harris went to see her alma mater sacrificed on the altar of March Madness
The numerous fans booing her to their rejection of Biden’s performance express.
Howard University’s basketball team went down 96-68  to Kansas in defeat
She went into the Bison locker room to try to cheer up and greet
Speaking in Kiddy talk word salad with only participation ribbons to lack
Men having to listen to her pitch and feelings not expressed and  glad she’s not coming back

© March 17, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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