Wednesday, March 8, 2023

CNN Continues to Shed Viewers Like a Bad Case of Dandruff As Their Prime Time "Jill Biden Abroad" Is a Total Flop


It may be time to replace CNN’s “Cack News Network” with “Collapsing News Network”
As number of its viewers former and future continue to from watching it shirk
It latest heavily touted “Jill Biden Abroad” had a drop in viewers of 43%
When will its CFO and CEO raise the question when will our advertisers demand for the lower ratings fewer dollars should be spent?
CNN needs a thorough housecleaning to send its biased “journalists” from the station
A decreasing number of viewers want to watch daily diatribes of Trump and MAGA condemnation
Licht should be watching Fox News to see how their news panels staff
Rarely do you see only 4 Blue talking heads in an echo chamber trying to give conservative Reds the shaft
Just because the journalism schools are infected terminally with Woke
The MSM has to the idea that “the news must not objectively report but advocate the left” revoke
Their idea that this nation, its states, counties and cities should always one party one view
Is idiotic and will in almost all cases inflict upon us pain and suffering we will forever rue
We hope a revised and objective CNN will emerge and be able to survive
Like we mourn one newspaper or radio station towns we should hope CNN cleans up its act to remain alive

© 3/8/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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