Sunday, March 5, 2023

Vacation ended for a family with 19 month old checking in to an Airbnb to have her die of fentanyl poisioning


There was a time when the only thing certain was death and taxes
Now we must add fentanyl as OD deaths continue to rise—when does the number reach a climax?
The news out of Florida makes you want to against China rage
Which is with its unrestrained shipment of fentanyl to Mexico and undeclared war to wage
A family checked in to a Florida Airbnb
Shortly with their 19 month old daughter in bed were terrified to see
Lips blue and from her mouth white foam
Paramedics called but in a casket she will be flying home
Prior renters admitted to a party where cocaine was in use
But denied fentanyl was abused
Authorities still trying to determine how fentanyl residue was there by the toddler to be found
Can it be that the millions of pills intercepted are only a fraction of what abounds?
And the residue of fentanyl permeates sheets and towels waiting for its small dosage to kill?
With Biden laughing on two deaths that seemed dismissed as collateral damage cartel inflicted at will
Time really to get serious and blockade our coast
Anyone caught dealing here is for many, many years toast
If someone sells fentanyl that kills
Death is the penalty to pay the butchers’ bill
The cartels are terrorist organization now targets wherever they may be found
And maybe some gentle unrelenting pressure on Mexico to let us help them drone them into the ground

© 3/5/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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