Monday, March 6, 2023

17 Cases File by L.A. DDA's Who Claimed They Were Punished for Disagreeing with Gascon's Soft on Crime Policies. First Verdict $1.5 Million for DDA Roberts


Soros funded D.A. Gascon as the Fly Fishman D.A.
Cops arrest and his catch and release policies allows the thugs to commit crime another day
Citizens outraged that violent thugs are released back onto the streets
Started 2 recall movements but not enough valid signatures so efforts went down to defeat
But Gascon has a vindictive streak that is hard to match
He punished his deputies for disagreeing with him by demotions to them dispatched
17 lawsuits by DDA’s over his policies that have crippled the war on crime
The first filed by DDA Shawn Roberts who was demoted to the parole division was completed and Gascon was nailed big time
The jury award Ms. Roberts a $1.5 million with 16 more trials to come
More and more victims in L.A. are sick of Gascon’s beating on the progressive soft on crime drum
If Gascon had any sense of honor and integrity he would resign
Before the 16 pending cases turn into judgments extracting millions from the Gascon behavioral goldmine

© 3/6/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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