Monday, March 20, 2023

Whoopi Goldberg on The View Should Be Applauded For Castigating the SLS Shouting Down Judge Ryan As "Snowflakes"


This poet was outraged over the students at SLS who shut down Judge Ryan’s speech
They must have been oblivious to how acting like that in a courtroom a contempt citation would them quickly reach
But when Whoopi Goldberg castigated the students and called them “snowflakes”
I quickly realized I may have made on judging her a major mistake
I never thought from her the ideas of tolerance I would hear
Her warning to the flakes that in life people with whom you disagree will appear
The response should be to leave but not to shelter your ears
By shouting down to drown out what others may want to hear
The “snowflakes” at the SLS in Whoopi’s mind can be lumped together
With Red “snowflakes” with their views on women, people of color and drag queens tolerating only sycophants for their weather
Stormy Hostin chimed in about her love of law schools
As a place for free exchange of ideas helped by learning of debating tools
But slammed Judge Duncan for calling the hecklers as “appalling idiots”
In his defense no one volunteering his time to give a speech wants to be insidiated
For The Views’  liberal audience one hopes that they will Whoopi’s words heed
Now more than ever tolerance for opposing views this divisive nation needs

© 3/20/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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