Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Biden's Comment on Care From a Nurse Not Learned at Nursing School Spawns a Stream of Ridicule Tweets


We used to laugh at Biden’s gaffes
No longer due to may be dementia sign as he struggles at his Oval Office craft
We used to excuse his lapses even with a teleprompter as an aid
From his being plagued by stuttering up to his high school sophomore grade
Now we wonder more and more whether the necessary memory neurons have failed
From the gaffe of “I may be a white boy but I am not that stupid”
To a tweet that ranks of really being putrid
A sense of stench from brain cells that have ceased to exist
Questioning his continued fitness for office one finds it hard to resist
He tweeted about the method of care while at Walter Reed from Pearl Nelson his nurse
Who would whisper in his ear or breathe into his nose to if condition had gotten worse
He said this was something she had no learned in nursing school
Hard to know if like Corn Pop this happened or the rants of an aging frail fool
Maybe the thought that Biden is mentally impaired has pierced the barrier of Jill
Biden now admits that it is acceptable for persons to question his age and health at will

© 3/1/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet



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