Thursday, March 30, 2023

Bragg Is Guilty of Election Interference Beyond the Pale Our Republic RIP


Any doubt that we have become a police state should be laid to rest
With news of the grand jury indictment we now await Trump’s arrest
It is believed that Trump has been charged with paying Stormy $130,00 to her silence buy
Even though before her 60 Minutes and her book any sexual encounter she denied
An illegal campaign contribution as opposed to settling a “nuisance lawsuit” will probably be the claim
Voters should be outraged over a married man who had sex with a porn star unable to  his reptilian brain tame
The SOL for such a misdemeanor is 2 years unless it was done to conceal another crime which then as a felony makes it 5 years
Lawyers on both sides will generating reams to determine for an answer on right SOL which is not crystal clear
Trump once joked when running for office that he could in broad daylight a person kill
And the voters choosing between him and Hilary would vote for him still
The charges are politically motivated and constitute election interference at its very worst
But having sex with Stormy after your wife had just given birth should end most voters’ MAGA thirst
And the Blues will have won
RIP as the Republic is done
Unless the Reds a landslide winning candidate for 2024 choose
With long coattails so down ballot Blues in massive numbers federal and state lose

© 3/30/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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