Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Federal Rules Biden Parole + Alternative to Detention Is Illegal Making Our Border a Mere Speed Bump For Illegals


Since his first day in office Biden has ruthlessly pursued an open border policy to illegals attract
Knowing that once they put foot on U.S. soil hardly a chance in Hell they will be sent back
Halted the wall and ended Trump’s stay in Mexico effective barriers
Millions of illegals in two years along with unknown numbers of illegal drug carriers
Turned our CBP into fly fishermen whose goal was to catch and then release
Anyone but a total idiot would know that the amount of illegals crossing would increase
Under the euphemism of Parole + Alternatives to Detention as a humanitarian plan
Releasing tens of thousands of illegals into the interior which a federal judge has called illegal turning the border into a line in the sand
Lines in the sand which have no preventive effect
Not new to Biden when Obama touted a red line in the sand then the use of force did reject
A federal judge in a suit brought by the Florida AG
Has delivered a scathing rebuke on Biden and ruled the practice as illegal as can be
Sadly the ruling as to the prior tens of thousands of illegals is like closing a barn door
After the cows have left with no effort to on the other side of the border their location restore
What is needed to have the ruling have teeth and further violations of the law by Biden prevent
Is to demand ICE immediately start recatching those caught and released “trout” to back across the river be sent

© 3/8/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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