Wednesday, March 1, 2023

MSM Ignores Issues of the Day to Focus on the Fact That the Bidens Ate the Same Meal and Drank the Same Wine


We have more problems now than we can barely handle
From open borders, to Chinese threats on Taiwan, inflation, violent crime and Hunter Biden scandal
But what does our esteemed MSM see fit to focus their attention on
A pervasive fixation to on the Bidens set aside columns to on them fawn
Not things like Biden laughing when a mom cried over losing to fentanyl two sons
Or regaling us with a story care not learned in nursing school a nurse on him had done
Or questioning whether his age and cognitive issues should let him run
Or alerting us that 59 Blues had joined Red majority to executive orders spurring inflation to shun
No more mere pap like Biden leaving his bunker basement to sample ice cream
Or today create a controversy over the Bidens’ eating at the Ren Hen to on the internet see astonished/condemned screams
What momentous event caused this frenzied outburst?
They ate the same rigatoni meal and side dishes and with the same wine quenched their thirst
What a crock!
No wonder the MSM has lost credibility and is mocked
On this “news” headline their only saving graces
Did not ape Pelosi’s freezer stocked with gourmet ice creams to survive while COVID lockdowns were in place

© 3/1/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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