Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Buckhead Tired of Crime in Atlanta And Trying to Leave the City and Incorporate Into a Snag as Kemp Informs the State Senate There Are Constitutional Issues to First Resolve


Buckhead, Atlanta’s wealthiest suburb  with 23 % of its population and 37% of its tax revenue, is fed up with violent crime
Convinced the only way to insure safety is to out of the violence of Atlanta climb
Away from too many residents in Atlanta being shot and ending up dead
Is to cease being a part of Atlanta and to incorporate as Buckhead
Moving forward to accomplish that goal the proponents have hit a snag
Governor Kemp has informed the State Senate there are some constitutional issues that must be resolved before city hood can be shagged
Not sure what the issues might be but lost tax revenue is probably at the top of the list
Losses that tooth and nail Atlanta will surely to the last tax bill resist
Taxing to the last dime city residents and their property is for cities a sacred cow
City bureaucrats and elected officials will not relinquish the revenue not in the future and not now
Cities and counties fed up with crime and unresponsive D.A.’s which put quality of life and safety at risk
Will give birth to separation movements that bloated and failed bureaucracies will find hard to resist
Less wealthy neighborhoods that will be left behind
To wallow in crime ridden neighborhoods where making a living is a hard daily grind
Could soon be the new divisive struggle we will find
When crime is in one neighborhood spilling into neighborhoods of more wealth the push will be to the city unwind\It will not be a struggle of color versus white
But one of income and the desires to safely go out at night
And not be a stray shot victim caught in a gunfight
Or be shot in a drive-by while waiting at a traffic light

© 3/1/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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