Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The Heroes of The Covenant Are Koonce, Hill, Engelbart and Collazos, not the Race to Judgment Leftist Red and Prayer Bashing "Journalists"inusiui atHE hEROES


The 3 children and 3 adult victims of Audrey Hales’ shooting spree
Are probably still at the morgue awaiting autopsy
Yet the leftist and progressive journalists were in a race to judgment rush
To once again with the heavy mallet of more gun control the Reds shame and crush
While at the same time ridicule those who died for not enough prayers
Seeming to justify the shooting due to school’s ill treatment of Audrey’s trapped in a male body having to bear
While they are ranting and disgracing themselves, heroes of the shooting begin to emerge
Katherine Koonce was the headmaster of the school on a Zoom call when she the first shot she heard
Immediately unarmed she went to confront the shooter most would say suicidally absurd
Thought she could reason with Audrey stop her advance
Seconds gained for students to lock down to have a better survival chance
Long before she had crafted the protocols to govern what to do in a shooter on scene
They worked and more seconds while this women placed herself in between
Sacrificed her life so the students had a chance to live
The highest award a human being can to others under her care give
Mike Hill a 61 year old custodian died in a hail of bullets through the locked glass door
We don’t know what he did but the man who hired him felt the shooter’s command to open he ignored
More seconds given as police were racing to the school parking lot
Officers Engelbart and Collazos arrived to be told by a teacher where the shooter might be sought
Unlike Robb Elementary or  Stoneham Jackson where the cops waited and students died
These two officers to the sounds of the guns took off up the stairs on the fly
To engage the shooter and shoot Audrey dead
Their actions are praised not the leftist journalists blame game instead
At first glance the surviving children on the surface seem OK
But the school should make available PTSD experts to likely PTSD allay
And the journalists their rants and narrative belong in the trash heap
Truly amazing their sense of self worth and ego they still are able to keep

© 3/28/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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