Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Phil Todd a Staffer For Rand Paul Was Stabbed In the Head and May Die by a Felon Released the Day Before After Serving Over 12 Years


Washington D.C. has become a very unsafe place for victims who are unarmed
Whether one is out on the streets after sunset or in light of day major risks of being harmed
The city is not alone as cities large and small across the nation are being hit with the perfect crime storm
The misguided Defund the Police Movement have left cities below staffing levels as the norm
George Soros, a billionaire who with his money has done more to safety adversely effect
Has backed D.A.’s who plea down crimes and refuse to enhancements for repeats or guns select
Even worse it seems that unless a victim died or was beaten to a pulp or maimed
In the interests of equity either not charged or released on no bail to his freedom reclaim
Even if the crime is so serious the felon is convicted and sent to prison usually rehabilitation there fails
More likely than not the felon learns new skills to when released and back on the streets committing crimes he will avoid jail
Glynn Neal, aged 42, after serving 12 years and 4 months for forcing two woman to the trade of
prostitution ply
One day after release attacked Phil Todd in broad daylight with a knife to the head so serious he may die
Because Todd was a staffer to Rand Paul the attack made the news
Highlighting to residents that it is unsafe in this city run by Blues
That had passed a bill reducing penalties for violent crimes
For the sake of equity, but Biden thank God vetoed it in time

© 3/28/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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