Sunday, March 19, 2023

Eviction Bans Are Creating Squatter with No Fear


Home owners who live in triplexes or duplexes and rent out rooms to the mortgage payments assist
With the COVID pandemic have found themselves to be at great financial risk
Not from deadbeat renters who refuse or cannot pay rent without delay
But from well-intentioned city councils barring eviction so they can continue to stay
Most people would agree the pandemic on job security and ability to payment for necessities of life has been an unmitigated disaster
Probably assume that most landlords are large corporations that with ample cash reserves a suspension of rent payments they can master
After all the rent is not forgiven only payment “temporarily” because of the pandemic delay
But just like the Biden myth that the inflation that has been gripping this nation is temporary the “delay” becomes more lasting each day
Too many renters must have seen the movie “Pacific Heights”
Where a renter provides no security deposit only promises of wires that never make the flight
And then changes the locks, refuses to leave and then begins to destroy the apartment
The law seems powerless to force the renter now squatter from the dwelling to be sent
In a case where movies are aped by reality, a woman in Chicago is trying  to evict from her deceased mother’s home a “professional” squatter
A man with a rap sheet an arm long who when it comes to landlord rights a skilled mocker
This woman will have to get a lawyer to an unlawful detainer suit file
At a time when many courts are dark with personnel “working” at home it make take a long while
1 more example that the 5th Amendment’s ban against taking property w/o due process
Like the 4th & 1st are under attack & under great stress

© March 19, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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