Monday, March 27, 2023

All Too Common Elementary School Shooting in Nashville with 3 Students and 3 Staff Dead by a Rare Female Shooter


Another heinous school shooting this time at the Covenant School in Nashville
The shooter entered a side door and climbed stairs to the second floor to 3 students and 3 staff kill
Of the 61 mass shootings in the past all but one has been by a male
The shooter who early news stated the had been a student there was a female
The 6 dead have not yet been to the morgue sent
Already the howls from the left for more gun control for such shootings to prevent
The frustration and anger is boiling over the platitudes of thoughts and prayers
The 28 yr. old shooter died in a shootout with the cops so hard to know what led her there
If a student in the past the oldest she could have been was 12 for her last class
Have to wonder what lasting hate, anger, and need for revenge was created when just a young lass
Schools are as a result of far too many shootings looking more and more like forts
With armed guards, single points of entry, metal detectors, walls and locked doors and gates to any unlawful entry thwart
Was the side door not locked?
When and where did she buy the guns and why was the sale not blocked?
Time to mourn for the dead and bury or cremate
Assemble the facts, a knee jerk avoiding deep breath to then debate
To not infringe upon the rights of good people with guns
To protect themselves and property from armed felons who the rule law shun

© 3/27/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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