Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Maryland's Cities Awash in Violent Crime and Blue Response Is to Seek Legislation to Permit A.G. to Charge Police Excessive Force /sSeek is kAn h inc awa


There used to be two things in life—taxes and death that were certain
Time to add one more in Blue run cities—staffing the police a harder and harder burden
Across the nation police are retiring or resigning en masse
The perfect storm created by the leftist winds not seen in the past
Assaults on and deaths occurring in the line of duty rising each year
Even with Kevlar vests on each day cops wondering will this be the day my loved ones fear?
Ask the Police Unions leaders and to a man or women they will cry
Our political leaders do not have our backs we are hung out to dry
And the feelings of the men and women on the frontlines facing the crime wave attack
Are well known and expressed when cop lines of duty funerals on the politicians attending turn their backs
D.A.’s have the luxury of sitting behind their desks for months on end
Before on a police involved shooting or excessive use of force to the Grand Jury decide to send
But a cop may have only a split second to shoot or die
In Blue Maryland a bill nears passage to give AG the right to police violence try
The AG in Maryland is a former Democratic Rep Anthony Brown
First black AG in Maryland who will on police violence frown
If law is passed and Brown is politicized in dealing with the cops
Do not be surprised to see crime rise in Maryland cities as cop numbers continue to drop
City residents as election loss of Boudin brought to light
Have a better chance with local D.A.'s than remote A.G.'s 2 force them 2 act right! 

© 3/7/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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