Thursday, March 16, 2023

New Video Shows Stanford Law School Diversity Dean Smirking as Federal Judge Speaker Shouted Down


The video of the Stanford Law Students shutting down Judge Duncan should be distributed to every hiring partner’s desk
With a simple question Are these the type of future lawyers you want the firm to ingest?
Watching the protestors attacking a federal judge and seeing the diversity dean hiding her face then beaming a smirk
Makes one think the outrageous courtroom behavior of William Kunstler in Stanford Law School now lurks
Almost as bad was the huge silent masked protest of law students protesting the Dean of the Law School’s apology for the outbursts
Why does Stanford continue to employ a Diversity Dean who in the rules of jurisprudence is unversed?
Trial of the defendant by mortal conduct was discarded hundreds of years ago
In a courtroom today it is contemptible and contempt citations quickly will sow
Trial is supposed to be won with the case law and skillful presentation of facts
Not concealing or misrepresenting evidence and bullying personal attacks
By their outburst these privileged few are wrongly being taught
You jump up and pound on the table attacking ad hominem when the facts and law you have not
The Stanford Law School probably does not have the spine to the protestors expel or suspend
But as to the Dean of Diversity aka Mediocracy and Censorship her employment must end!

© 3/16/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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