Tuesday, March 14, 2023

A price tag of $5 Million to Cure Victimhood Disease Is an Idiotic Price When Interned Japanese Including American Citizens Is Too Steep a Price to Pay to Try to Cure Victimhood Disease


Only in ultra-leftist San Francisco with its streets clogged with homeless tents,
Its parks and sidewalks littered with hypodermic needles spent
Clear evidence of the volume of illegal drugs that 24/7 into arms went
Facing a budget deficit of nearly a $ billion can its Board be thinking of millions upon millions to black residents be sent
The last time this nation paid reparations was due to the hysteria following the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Empire
Which fueled the demands for exclusion and internment which only slowly during the war did expire
FDR’s infamous exclusion order applied to all of Japanese descent from legal aliens to American citizens born here of Japanese descent
Over 120,000 lost their homes, businesses and most of their personal property to “relocation centers” (concentration camps) were sent
After the war Congress provided for compensation for property lost
But without records, destroyed by the IRS, the interned recovered a mere fraction of the value or cost
After years the Civil Rights Act of 1988 was passed providing for $20,000 in reparations for those interned who were still alive
No Japanese-American who had not been interned received a dime no matter the difficulties their parents had to endure from racism to survive
California was never a slave state and after expiration of the Fugitive Slave Act in 1855 any slave who had fled the South to come here from slave bounty hunters did not have to hide
In 1860 1167 African Americans lived in San Francisco where now some 55,000 now reside
We all agree that slavery like internment was a heinous stain on the nation and those who endured
Why should descendants of free African Americans or non-African Americans fork over $5 million to persistent victimhood try to cure
If we do our record with Native Americans is even worse
Who were not captured and sold into slavery by Africans but subject to genocide and death by European diseases’ curse
Reparations would affect more than just a few SFO residentsBut millions of Native Americans across the North American continent
While we are being asked to dole out billions to African Americans what about the descendants of the Union Army who died to slavery end?
If this inane and inequitable proposal must pass apples to apples for $20,000 paid in 1988
With inflation a check to those African Americans who would meet the reparations criteria a check for $50,578 should be the rate

© 3/14/2022 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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