Friday, March 10, 2023

Man charged with murder has leg irons and shackles escaped courthouse for two hours of freedom


If you had any doubt of the wisdom of the counties in Eastern Oregon wanting to from the western part of Oregon secede
That doubt would disappear in a New York City second watching how deputies in criminal court hearings must proceed
Any criminal even felons charged with the most violent and deadly crimes
in a trial must unshackled with leg irons removed
It's the law in Oregon to free the defendant from bias making it harder to his guilt prove
Before the jury the accused must not be clothed in jail inmate dress
Fearful that the jurors seeing him restrained and so clothed will the presumption of innocence repress
Edi Villalobos who had been charged with murder and other crimes arrived from jail for trial
Not sure in this leftist state why he had faced cashless bail denial
Maybe due to his being while in jail charged with a weapon and distributing contraband
What happened next caught on camera shows how the leftist trend of felons’ rights and victims be damned
For leg irons and shackles from jurors eyes be banned
Show far deep Oregon legislators have their heads in the sand
Villalobos hands shackled to his sides in leg irons with one deputy by his side the other at his back
Shuffling to the courtroom dressed not in jail garb but blue shirt and slacks
In the courtroom shackles were removed and then the leg irons too
He stood up and immediately in a sprint to the door he was through
For two hours in the town of Hillsboro law officers searched to no avail
He broke into an apartment but in trying to do it quietly he failed
Neighbor heard and called police who arrived and found him in a closet under a blanket
His freedom ended with his sprint from the courtroom gambit
Thinking a young man charged with murder will not try to flee
When he’s facing life behind bars is pure idiocy

© 3/10/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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