Thursday, March 2, 2023

Senator Di-Fi Hospitalized with Shingles But to Schiff's Dismay Probably Won't Force Her to Retire So Schiff Could Beg Newsom To Be Appointed to Fill Vacancy


Senator Di-Fi has been hospitalized and was Adam Schiff with Newsom on the phone
Making a pitch to be appointed if she cannot return to her Senate Throne?
Probably licking his chops in anticipation of a forced early retirement
Anxiously trying to discover how serious the issue that had her to the hospital being sent
And practicing his condolences and prayers she would to the Senate quickly return
Watching Schiff on TV and the House and Senate Floor we quickly learned
Schiff lies with the absolute best such that from his voice and facial, his lies you cannot discern
But to Schiff’s dismay an appointment to the Senate he will not earn
Senator Di-Fi has only a recurrence of Shingles which can cause much pain
But not affect her cognitively diminishing brain
So Schiff won’t have to pass the I am so concerned and pray for you test
Just as well as she and her advisers knowing his lying proclivities would tell him to give it a rest
As for Feinstein my hope is a quick recovery but also coupled with a public service pitch
Being a powerful Senator and well off does not without a vaccine prevent the virus from pushing you into the painful Shingles ditch

© 3/2/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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