Sunday, March 5, 2023

Biden at a Speech In Selma at the Bridge Falseil Implies He Was a Civil Rights Warrior When the Marchers Were Viciously Attacked wh b s[s


Anyone watching the TV coverage on March 7, 1965 of the civil rights marchers would have been horrified
Unless of course those watching were the  rabid Jim Crow segregationists who the KKK gloried
The rest of the nation glued to their TV sets
Would be horrified by the violence they will never forget
Bull O’Connor at Selma unleashed his vicious dogs on marchers who wanted their legal voting rights
As cops swinging Billy clubs and spraying tear gas were splitting open heads of any marcher in sight
The scenes were so bloody and repulsive to create a nationwide outrage
And resulted in a major victory showing the power that nonviolence could wage
The 1965 Civil Rights Voting Act was quickly introduced by Dirksen and Mansfield
The anticipated Southern Democrat filibuster was quickly forced with a 70-30 cloture vote to yield
In a stellar day for something so basic as the right to a vote cast
Passed on April 4, 1965 as a need step to erase the stains of our Jim Crow past
Biden was too young to have been on the bridge on that day
But was on the bridge to give a speech in which embellishment was the rule and facts were tossed away
A listener would have been left with the impression that Biden the Civil Rights warrior was in the front of the line
Not the case but so typical of Biden’s embellishment on Civil Rights to the facts of his noninvolvement his image not truthfully define
Giving him a truth pass because of cognitive erosion is a joke
Ever since his youth to pursue his goals the truth he has revoked

© 3/5/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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