Tuesday, March 28, 2023

When "Journalist" Point Finger of Blame At The Covenant and Audrey Hale's Parents for the Killings 3 Fingers Point Back and the Thumb Points to Hell


The six bodies have not even been moved funeral homes
Yet the progressive media has entered so quickly the blaming zone
Audrey Hale’s childhood past at this school has yet to be revealed
In the rush to judgment world of the progressive “journalists” their bias against Christians they cannot conceal
Their narrative implies the school and parents are the ones to blame
Who ignored Hale’s quest for gender identity as a female and his urges to change tame
In their mind Hale wanted to be a woman and those desires the school and parents blocked
And for the icing on the blame cake the lack of enough prayers to stop the shooting was mocked
The biology world of male and female is turned upside down
Pushing puberty blockers and surgical disfigurement to abound
How can these gender affirming warriors know that the “I am a girl” today
Will not as part of puberty into a male identity the girl identity fade away?
Christians are taught to turn their cheeks
To love thy neighbor as eternal life they seek
Other than a belief there is no God or existence cannot be proved
Clueless as to what moral standards atheists and agnostics seek for their conscience be soothed
But blaming the dead for the crazed acts of a vengeful transgender is beyond the pale
Why parents are aroused and the myth of CRT and cross of gender identity will fail
As a parting side note to these leftist “journalists”
Drag Queen Shows like pornography are fine for adults but for kids we must resist

© 3/28/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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