Monday, March 27, 2023

After Nashville School Shooting Biden Does Not Rant for More Gun Control But Need to Be Aware of PTSD Among Survivors ter


Another mass school shooting this time at Nashville
3 staff and 3 students the 28 year old female shot to kill
Jill was quick to announce that their thoughts and prays were there
But instead of his normal knee jerk reaction Biden had other thoughts to share
After in passing mentioned he had pushed through the “assault weapons” ban
He warned that for the surviving students and staff PTSD has to be close at hand
Soldiers in combat are trained on how to try to survive
When sounds of incoming lead them to into holes or trenches dive
To when on a trail shots ring out and the wounded fall
To hit the dirt and start firing back and look for shelter to wounds or death stall
No matter how much training soldiers after combat may face life long PTSD
Without warning, flash backs to scenes of death nearing to see
Being a student or staff member today and still alive
So traumatic to have a day so interrupted without warning should mean PTSD should thrive
The survivor adults and kids should have free access to mental health experts skilled in PTSD
Wo will know the symptoms and how to help the sufferers to regain some normalcy
We must learn how to separate those mentally ill or evil men criminally bent
From the “good men” with guns who almost to man will crime try to prevent
Here the phrase “good men” also includes “good women” more and more of whom are now armed
True “momma bears” ready and willing to protect their kids and loved ones including themselves from harm

© 3/27/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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