Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Alleged Rapist Released on No Cash Bail From a Sexual Assault on a Teen Is Charged With Following a Female Home and Raping Her in Elevator to Be Turned in By His Familymina


With violent crime in New York City surging like it is in most Blue cities
Where too many Soros funded D.A.’s only for felons have any pity
And zero for the victims as collateral damage of the misguided policies to pursue equity
With pleading down and cashless bail so after release, pretrial thugs continue with devilry
Finally some news that warms our hearts
After a family in fighting crime did its part
James McIver a black career criminal with 15 prior arrests
Was released on cashless bail for a sexual attack on a teen when his record would more crimes before trial suggest
To follow a 21 year old woman to her apartment elevator shaft
To attack her and impose upon her his raping craft
Caught on surveillance camera with a clear view of his face
Tossing away his jacket thinking it would be easier to escape if anyone gave chase
He soon was arrested and is in jail being held without bail
Confined until trial so more rapes he will not commit being stuck in jail
What makes this story so warming and unique
Is that the overburdened, undermanned NYPD didn’t spend much time to him seek
His family to the police turned him in
Hoping the jail or prison time might stop into more criminal activity his downward spin 

© 3/8/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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