Monday, March 13, 2023

A Tale of Two Cities-A Tale of Two Rothsteins- One a Here, the Other a Rabid Marxist Indoctrinating Teacher Who Is a Zero


Dickens wrote the novel A Tale of Two Cities
London the capital of a growing empire and Paris where nobles were losing heads without pity
No doubt if you had achieved success which city to live you would choose?
Your fortune in London with bad decisions could go to zero but in Paris a head along with life too easy to lose
In a nation is which despite a growing and rapacious federal government
Which destroying the American Dream of prosperity seems to be on a path Hell bent
There is a Rebecca Rothstein who Forbes has called the number one female wealth adviser here
Whose background does not disclose wealthy parents with connections for her to endear
No sheepskin from a college covered in Ivy and not even a worthless high school degree
A series of low paying jobs like walking racehorses after a training run and stuck in a sales job with no advancement to see
Took a chance and earned her Section 7 just before the crash of 2008
Where wealth portfolios and 401 (k)s seemed to evaporate
Armed with her curiosity and tenacity she built a practice for clients looking to take a new direction
When their portfolios to most experienced wealth advisors overwhelmed by the collapse seemed beyond salvation
Curiosity and tenacity and the ability put clients first and long hours work
Always alert to anticipate the unforeseen dangers to portfolios that lurk
There is also a Rebecca Rothstein who works at North Bethesda Middle School, Maryland  as a “teacher” for her profession
But who has corrupted that noble calling with her pro-Marxist and anti-capitalist rabid obsessions
Admits to wanting not to teach the skills middle school students need to learn
But instead indoctrinate them to be activists to racism trash and burn
A clear and present danger to teaching our kids the ability to independently think and problems solve
Instead of becoming mindless puppets unskilled for paying jobs and into adult wards of the state evolve
One Rothstein is a hero that our children should emulate
The other a closed mind leftist that merits only a pink slip fate

© 3/12/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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