Sunday, March 5, 2023

Manchin Refuses to Endorse Biden for Reelection Until All Candidates Are Known


Biden’s delusion that he is cognitively fit to run again in 2024
May be facing reality as his cognitive lack people can no longer ignore
Senator Manchin may be the first leak in the dam
Who is resisting any attempt to a Biden endorsement down his throat ram
Announced he will not endorse Biden today until after who else will be in the race will be known
Though not stated publicly by many Blues he is probably wondering when Biden as a running mate Harris will disown
The idea that the Word Salad Queen would be a heartbeat or stroke away from the Oval Office in 2025
Should give us all shivers of fear and discomfort on whether this nation a Harris presidency would have a chance to survive
For now Harris as his running mate is still in
With her a great chance Biden will not win
If Blue Leaders convince her that she endangers his reelection chances
To ape LBJ at the VP level to substitute border security really advance
Elect to not join the ticket forcing if Clyburn still holds sway
Biden to select another black female who unlike Harris has high competency on display
Until that happens or unless Biden suffers another aneurism or stroke even mild
lues are stuck with Joe as the only real Blue candidate in an election in which concern over his age and fitness will run wild

© 3/5/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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