Tuesday, February 1, 2022

To End the Slaughter of Color on Color Shootings Whites Must View the Killings As an Attack on Them


Violent crime in our nation’s cities is on an unprecedented upward surge
The perfect storm of the conflating of soft on crime D.A.’s and BLM’s “Defund the Police” to numbers of cops from the force purge
In neighborhoods of color the streets are like the Wild Wild West
Victims are dropping like flies shot in the head, legs and chests
So long as the victims have been brown of black
Coverage of the carnage the media lacks
Statistics only rarely names or anything about lives cut short
The mostly Blue leaders seem helpless or lacking empathy to try to the shootings abort
While the Blue leaders can call upon armed guards or dedicated cops
Their mere mortals have to rely on overburdened 911 calls to violence on them try to stop
Residents hoping the violent crime surge will end or peter out are out of luck
As long as it’s confined to poorer neighborhoods or victims of color crime will run amok
Signs are that now even well off neighborhoods feel the that violent crimes are no longer in black neighborhoods contained
A wave of smash and grab robbers by mobs attacking elite brand name stores and then not caught
Shootings in wealthy neighborhoods like Georgetown and  Buckhead where safety has gone to rot
In Buckhead the residents are moving forward to exit the hood from Atlanta with its own police force
The response of Atlanta finally shows to get action from City Hall the move is the right course
Buckhead is now the latest police precinct with its own police station

More of the Thin Blue Line to help in ending the felons’ wave of predation
But throughout the cities the best way to end the slaughter of browns and blacks
Is for the elites and the whites to treat the slaughter not so confined but on them also an attack
© February 1, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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