Saturday, February 5, 2022

Go Fund Me Caves On Keeping Canadian Truckers Protest Over Trudeau's COVID-19 Policies.


Go Fund Me created to enable friends, neighbors and strangers to raise money for noble or charitable causes
A great, successful idea but susceptible to the scam artist looking to raise money by breaking the law
In Canada, truckers are up in arms over Trudeau’s mask and vaccine mandates to stop the COVID-19 spread
With their livelihoods at grave risk and vaccines not helpful in the spread truckers want mandates ended instead
In protest hundreds upon hundreds of semis gathered in British Columbia to form a truckers’ convoy
To drive to Ottawa to protest Trudeau’ policies that their livelihood and  freedom will destroy
Heading east more and more truckers joined in the protest ride
Miles of truckers on the highways so far peaceful and the laws they abide
A Go Fund Me account was quickly started to the truckers support
Wallets opened in a flood and soon $10million raised in a campaign that would not come up short
And then Go Fund Me shut the account down and refused to give it to the donors back
Only to charities selected by the truckers could the money go
Highway robbery and theft and the outrage by truckers and the public would quickly grow
Governor De Santis of Florida and threatened criminal prosecution if money not returned
Go Fund Me caved but outrage over Woke corporations was evidently not learned
We wish for our Northern Neighbor that Trudeau comes to his senses and his control needs ends
So people can end the masks, the lockdowns, social distances, vax cars and the growing authority over or lives trend
 And focus on therapy drugs, monoclonal antibodies and natural immunity at warp speed
To give us the tools to return to normalcy we need
© January 5, 2022  The Alaskanpoet

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