Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Pelosi, the Wolf of Wall Street, Running for Reelection "for the Children"--What a Crock


Pelosi announced to the press cameras with her Botox stretched fake sincere look
She was running for the children intoned three times when her open border policies have the children forsook
How oblivious can she be to the flood of criminals and illegal drugs in the waves of illegals across our open border she pushed to create
Must be totally oblivious the amount of deadly fentanyl coming across to kill our children at an alarming rate
Underfunded CBP agents diverted from anti-drug smuggling details to process bogus asylum status claims
Who are soon released with promises almost always not kept to appear years later instead of being detained
Must be too busy counting donations from the teachers’ unions who have found in classroom learning tooth and nail
Leaving millions to suffer under virtual learning especially minority kids who are already more likely to fail
2,000,000 illegals crossing this year many of who are families with kids that must be educated
Who probably are illiterate in English and barely literate in their native tongue to education to existing students denigrate
Must also oblivious to the hardship imposed on both parents working when school classrooms are closed
On parent must quit work to stay at home and out the window financial security quickly goes
The is only one reason why the Botox Queen
Is so anxious to remain in the Swamp Congressional scene
And that sole reason is unadulterated greed
As speaker or ranking majority she will have access to all insider information she needs
To with her investment banking husband rake in millions of profits with insider information and “sweetheart deals” to obtain
Too many millions of good deals to pass up if her House Seat she continues to retain
© February 1, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


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