Saturday, February 19, 2022

Watching Biden and Congress Putin's Safe Bet Is Sanctions If Passed Will Be Hollow


Watching our cognitive frail president and our divided partisan Congress Putin must believe sanctions are only a threat
That they following his invasion will not be passed or by our allies followed a safe and easy bet
Watching a sanctions bill touted as the mother of all sanctions bills
Opposed by the Biden Administration and water down as an unenforceable resolution on the Hill
His commanders must be telling him that they will be in Kyiv in less than three days
Sweeping and outnumbered and under gunned without much air support quickly out of the way
An unstoppable Russian horde to bypass Kyiv and bloody prolonged block to block battle avoid
To race to seal the nation’s western border with any Ukraine forces fighting in the open being destroyed
A quick war with few casualties and Russian body bags to home send
With promises that his demands to roll back NATO from Poland and the Baltics he will end
Replacing Zelensky with a pro-Russian puppet and leaving a small occupation force
Counting on Europe to breathe a sigh of relief that we are not on a World War III course
Knowing that the European promises to stand with Ukraine will be hollow
When Russia plays its oil and gas card that Europe so dependent on its oil and gas a sanctions loss it cannot swallow
And the U.S. stripped of energy independence and an export card by Biden unable to pick up the slack
Another safe bet that if sanctions passed its wall in Europe will quickly crack
Since China is watching and needing our market to it its booming exports sell
Let’s hope sanctions against Russia were passed and on increasing our energy production began to dwell
© February 19, 1922 The Alaskanpoet

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