Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Zucker Leaves the CNN Sinking Ship Due to Undisclosed Longterm Sexual Relationship


In war or in peacetime marine disasters very often the captain is the last to leave a sinking ship
Or if at fault for the disaster stays on board to this death as beneath the waves the ship slips
CNN ever since Trump lost his reelection has seen its ratings sink
Like a stuck record it could not free itself from its anti-Trump 24/7 coverage link
Same old blame game for someone who has been out of office for a year
As Biden miscues and failings piled up and were ignored the “it’s Trump’s fault” line fell on deaf ears
Ratings were going downward in free fall
Accelerating weekly impossible to stall
While ratings were falling CNN was hit with the Perfect Storm
As objectivity in news coverage was scorned
Scandals involving its “journalists” became the norm
Little Fredo in the doghouse for aiding brother Andrew saw his reptilian brain reborn
And like most reptilian brains any attempt to restrain failed
Fired for earlier groping the buttocks of a colleague who was a female
Jeffrey Toobin fired for jerking off on a news panel held on Zoom
And yet termination only temporary and back in CNN’s newsroom
John Griffin, a longtime producer of “New Day”
Fired as he didn’t let age of a minor by him abused get in his abusing way
Zucker who was the head of this sinking CNN ship
And when the Warner Discovery merger would be finalized facing a pink slip
Resigned today for failing to disclose a sexual relationship with a colleague long term
Though “consensual” more evident that for elite in power their reptilian brain never learns
© February 2, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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