Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Mayor Adams Seems to Be Aping Mayor Lightfoot's Playbook on the Press as the Race Card Comes Out


After years of incompetency NYC’s Mayor Bill De Blasio was shed
With crime out of control and morale in the NYPD almost dead
Great hopes by suffering residents that former NYPD captain Eric Adams would move the city ahead
But very early in his administration we may have a thin skinned Blue instead
Restoring morale and bringing more trained officers onto the forces to the crime wave fight
After years of De Blasio’s disasters is not going to happen overnight
But Adams seems to have opened the pages on dealing with the press from Mayor Lightfoot’s the playbook
From using the race card when facing the press he chose not forsook
Blasted the press for not having more people that look like him
To write stories not about cops being shot by felons on the slightest whim
Rather to when police use unwarranted force stories about the victims outrage and pain
With such a charge one could hear the chance for better morale being flushed down the drain
Lightfoot refused to be interviewed by reporters who were white
Adams seems to be attacking the press instead of them joining the anti-crime needed fight
Rome was not built in a day
And it would behoove him to not push the press away  

© February 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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